Profi today…

Today, when we are all busy and combine many tasks, the use of ready-made products and dishes makes life easier. We try to make it tastier at the same time! Inspired by the growing need for high quality products, we use simple ingredients and flavors known and liked in Polish homes in our kitchen. Because it is them - Polish, traditional dishes - that inspire us in everyday, culinary searches.

Our kitchen

Real, home cooking is the heart of our company. It is here, every day - for over 20 years - that we focus on improving existing ones and creating new recipes. Ready meals, soups, pates or lard. We do it with passion and full commitment as if we were preparing lunch for you, serving breakfast or dinner. At the same time, we make sure to satisfy different tastes and tastes. And that the meal would be a pleasure.

Welcome to our hospitable and full of
various kitchen flavors!
nasza kuchnia

Quality Standards


Concepts for a new dish are born during a team conversation. We have a lot of them, because we participate in many inspiring culinary events and workshops. We are coming back with a head full of ideas. In addition, we often bring inspiration from our own homes, where we also cook and look for new flavors. The next step is to prepare the recipe and test it in our company kitchen. Each of us tries, judges, suggests changes thus influencing the final recipe.

Spice Archive

When choosing ingredients, we are supported by a team working in the seasoning archive, in which we collected over 200 samples of various raw materials for almost 30 years of work. Here, too, the quality of new deliveries is checked every day so that it does not depart from the high quality standards that we have developed over the years. Only when they pass the test are they added to products and dishes.

Sensory Laboratory

However, before we start producing a new dish, we use the support of our laboratory team in which we organize sensory panels. It has special stands with windows through which panel participants receive tested dishes. Different light colors are used during tests. White serves to test all the features of the dish: taste, appearance and smell. Colorful light neutralizes the color of the dish and allows you to focus only on its taste.

Sensory Laboratory

Panel participants can be people with appropriate sensory sensitivity and specially trained. During the tasting, they fill out a questionnaire, which we then use to verify, correct and finally refine our recipe.


When we make sure that we have the recipe ready, the production process begins. The plant has constant and consistent rules for everyone. Quality, hygiene and food safety are important. We use IFS, BRC and ISO quality standards. We use IFS, BRC and ISO quality standards. We have also implemented the HACCP system.


Each stage of production is under the supervision of our team, which constantly controls the entire process and ensures that it runs according to the appropriate procedures.


We also check the tightness of packages and weights ourselves. Some ingredients are dosed manually - so that each package contains the right amount of additives, such as rice, pasta or pieces of cheese.


The awards are important to us and we are glad that we are highly rated by various institutions and environments, but for us your opinion is the most important. It is thanks to you that we can develop and implement further culinary ideas. Thank you!