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Pasztet Dworski pâtés do not accept compromises - the best types of meat, sophisticated savory ingredients, composition free of preservatives, dyes, taste enhancers and artificial additives. When we add sustainable glass packaging to this, we get a product for the most demanding consumers.

4 flavors

Pasztet Dworski - Pâté with rabbit

Pâté with rabbit

Pasztet Dworski - Pâté with boar

Pâté with boar

Pasztet Dworski - Pâté with duck

Pâté with duck

Pasztet Dworski - Pâté with deer

Pâté with deer

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Profi pâtés

PROFI is the best known and most popular pâté brand among Poles. We have enjoyed unflagging interest for over 30 years as we combine quality and tradition with openness to new flavors and innovations. Our products are made of carefully selected ingredients - meat, vegetables and natural, aromatic spices. The unrivaled taste and a wide range of variants mean that everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, will find something for themselves

Pasztet Profi
JemyJemy soups
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JemyJemy soups

Ready-to-eat, delicious, nutritious soups in an innovative, convenient packaging ready in a few minutes. Thanks to attention to every detail, top quality ingredients from proven suppliers and careful selection, we offer our customers soups similar to those cooked at home, without preservatives, dyes, taste enhancers and artificial additives.


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